Hopes and hardships of globalization / Drömmar och dilemman i globaliseringen

Most of these are painted illustrations for my master’s thesis in cultural anthropology (see short version), which is about motorcycle-taxi drivers in Kisoro district, Uganda, and how they experience various transformations taking place in their society. I stayed in and around the area for six weeks in 2017, doing interviews and participant observations. I also made a video with these paintings + some real footage/sounds from the area.

You can see zoomable full size images by clicking below an image when watching it.

See also:
Video – ”Crossing Lake Mutanda”
Video – ”A chat in the shine of a paraffin lamp”

Om Alexander Öbom

My name is Alexander Öbom, and I paint acrylic pictures. Contact: +46(0)73-0842856 / alexander.obom@outlook.com
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4 kommentarer till Hopes and hardships of globalization / Drömmar och dilemman i globaliseringen

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